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Our Initiatives

EncoreSTL at its core believes in creating and supporting opportunities for Black & Brown Artists through our theater and youth programs that increase visibility and representation, build social and capital wealth, and foster empathy and civic engagement in our communities. 


We  feel that participating in the arts nourishes the soul! It’s about more than just acting, singing, or dancing! At Encore, theater helps women and men and girls and boys become equal; the disabled become able; the shy experiment with bravery; and even the gifted become part of the whole. The lesson we teach and learn is that all of them are necessary for the show to go on. After all, " The world is a stage!’  

A modern and transformative, highly structured, youth training initiative; using theater, music, and various other artistic mediums to bridge the gap between social services, education, and the arts; thereby providing a better foundation for application-based, disciplinary learning for youth

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