Empowering Youth

A modern and transformative, highly structured, youth training initiative; using theater, music, and various other artistic mediums to bridge the gap between social services, education, and the arts; thereby providing a better foundation for application-based, disciplinary learning for youth

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My experience at Drama Therapy was influential. I learned how to format a story, express my morals and values, research careers in the art industry, collaborate with others, but most of all utilize my voice. I learned to accept my voice and utilize it to speak my truth. There were times I did not understand the importance of an exercise or activity, but I improved by having an open mind about it. Drama Therapy cultivated my experience into I can utilize these skills in my daily life. I am more confident in what I speak and I do not hold limitations to my capabilities.

Sheanique Syms

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Youth Leadership Program

  • Youth will  receive soft skills training needed to be successful in the workplace, school, and community

  • Youth will gain a mentor that will  guide them along the way and keep them on track with their goals

  • Youth will receive paid internship opportunities  and jobs in the art sector ranging from production management, technical assistance, sound and light design, and other trades (e.g. carpentry). 


Encore4Youth Programs

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Drama Therapy

Creative Minds to Productive Citizens

The Drama Therapy program implements drama and/or theater processes to achieve therapeutic goals and teach soft skills to children (10-15) and young adults (16-24). ETG has two models for this program. 1) Summer camp and after school programs focused on individual development and 2) Soft skill training program for workforce ready individuals.

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Youth Stage Crew/ Leadership

Arts based employment

ETG's Youth Stage Crew Program will employ 16-24 year olds from St. Louis City  to provide event management services to Encore STL productions and other local theaters in the St. Louis region. YSC will also have the opportunity to participate in Drama Therapy for advanced training.