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A modern and transformative, highly structured, youth training initiative; using theater, music, and various other artistic mediums to bridge the gap between social services, education, and the arts; thereby providing a better foundation for application-based, disciplinary learning for youth

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Drama Therapy

The Drama Therapy program implements drama and/or theater processes to achieve therapeutic goals and teach soft skills to children (10-15) and young adults (16-24). EncoreSTL has two models for this program. 1) Summer camp and after school programs focused on individual development and 2) Soft skill training program for workforce ready individuals.


Youth Stage Crew

EncoreSTL employs 16-24-year-olds from St. Louis City to provide event management services to EncoreSTL productions and other local artist productions in the St. Louis region through Youth Stage Crew (YSC)  program. 


YSC participants receive paid internship opportunities and jobs in the art sector ranging from production management, technical assistance, sound and light design, and other trades (e.g. carpentry, costume, videography. )

Participants of the program receive

  • A Creative Mentor

  • Wages from STL Youth Jobs

  • Advance soft skill training through Drama Techniques 

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