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Our Services & Programs

Providing live streaming, videography, photography, and marketing services for your individual artist brand or business

Providing acting and directorial experience for up and coming actors and directors 

Providing St. Louis Youth with jobs and theater-based soft skills training while meeting the needs of local artists 


Our Company


EncoreSTL, formerly known as,  Encore! Theater Group, in South Saint Louis, is dedicated to producing culturally relevant digital media and live productions to impact and transform St. Louis Communities.

We do this by working with local artists of color to meet their promotion needs and expand their market base through live streaming and other digital services.


We focus on thought-provoking theatrical pieces that speak to the human condition and provide artists of color with more performance and directorial opportunities.


We prepare our next generation for the future through art-based employment and training while building their social-emotional and behavioral skills. 

We achieve this 

Because Everyone Deserves an Encore!

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