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A platform for unforgettable storytelling. Partner with us to support dynamic and thought-provoking performances that captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impact. Join our journey in celebrating the magic of live theater

Sponsorship Levels

Black Diamond

Diamond Encore

Shine as the brightest star with exclusive naming rights for one production and premium benefits.

In the theater

Bronze Curtain

Play a vital role behind the scenes with valuable exposure and support for our shows.

Golden Marble

Golden Applause

Bask in the glow of the audience's admiration with generous recognition and rewards

Music Concert

Stellar Stage


Illuminate the stage with your commitment to the arts and enjoy recognition for your contribution.

Smoke Spotlights

Silver Spotlight

Step into the limelight with prominent acknowledgment and a special connection to our productions.

Shadow Show

Starlight Supporter


Twinkle as a dedicated supporter and receive special perks in appreciation of your generosity.


Contribute to the cultural enrichment of our community. Live theater is a unique and enriching art form that entertains, educates, and inspires. Your sponsorship ensures that high-quality productions are accessible to all.

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Encore! Theatre attracts a diverse and engaged audience. As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to connect with our dedicated theatergoers and gain exposure to a highly desirable demographic. This exposure can enhance your brand's reputation and visibility.


Each show in our season averages around $12,000 to produce. Your sponsorship provides crucial financial support that directly impacts the production quality and success of our shows and makes them accesible to all communities. 

Marketing and Promotions

We value our sponsors and provide ample recognition and exposure. Depending on your sponsorship level, benefits may include logo placement in promotional materials, complimentary tickets, exclusive events, and social media mentions. Your association with Encore! Theatre will be prominently featured throughout the season.

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