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Venue Rental Package

Welcome to our professional theater rental webpage, where we take pride in offering a range of pricing options and top-notch amenities to meet the needs of our esteemed clients. Our standard package provides an excellent foundation for your event, priced at $100 per hour. Included in this package is access to our well-appointed theater space, complete with reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and convenient restroom facilities.

To elevate your event and tailor it to your specific requirements, we present an array of additional services and amenities

Additional Services &
Amenities (OnSite)

Kitchen Access
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Price: $300 Flat Fee


Full Kitchen Access Includes

  • Fully equipped kitchen for serving food prepared somewhere else.

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Seating / Chairs
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Price: $225 Flat Fee


Seating / Chairs Include

  • Comfortable seating and chairs.

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Event Coordinator
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Price: $350 Flat Fee


Event Coordinator Service Includes

  • Dedicated event coordination services in order to ensure your event is as successful as it can be.

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Price: $450 Flat Fee


Photographer Services Includes

  • Professional photography services in order to provide a memorable experience.

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Price: $600 Flat Fee


Videographer Services Include

  • Professional videography services in order to provide a memorable experience.

House Staff
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Price: $25/Hour Per Staff


House Staff Services Include

  • Experienced staff members to provide assistance.

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Live Entertainment (Music)
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Price: $100 Per Hour


Musical Live Entertainment Includes

  • Talented musicians for live music performances.

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Live Entertainment (Theater)
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Price: $80 Per Hour


Live Theater Entertainment Includes

  • Captivating theater acts for live performances.


Who We Work With

Community Groups
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   -Community forums and town hall meetings
  - Non-profit organization fundraisers
  - Social awareness campaigns and rallies
  - Volunteer appreciation events
  - Educational workshops and seminars
  - Cultural and diversity celebrations

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   - Art exhibitions and gallery shows
   - Live theater performances and rehearsals
   - Film screenings and premieres

   - Dance recitals and performances
   - Poetry readings and spoken word events
   - Music concerts and gigs

These are the tools we use everyday to d
Small Business
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   - Product launches and showcases
   - Networking events and business mixers
   - Corporate training sessions and workshops
   - Team building activities and retreats
   - Business conferences and seminars
   - Retail pop-up shops and markets

We understand the unique needs of community development groups, creatives, and small businesses, and our theater space is designed to accommodate these events. We provide a versatile venue that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements, offering a professional and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Should you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to reach out to us at
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