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La Fiestecita de Encore! Theatre

Artist Performance Sign Up

LaFiestecita de Encore is a vibrant community block party where artists, creatives, and community members come together to celebrate Black and Brown joy. This event is a celebration of our rich cultural heritage and a platform to share resources while honoring creatives and youth. Join us as we strengthen St. Louis through the arts, fostering unity and uplifting our community with creativity and collaboration.

Dates: July 13 3-9pm


Rules and Procedures for LaFiestecita de Encore Artist Sign-Up

1. Social Media Tagging

-Tag @encorestl: As part of performing at LaFiestecita de Encore, please tag @encorestl on all your social media channels when posting about your performance.

2. Musical Tracks Submission

- Submit Audio Tracks: If you are performing with musical tracks, please send your audio files to at least 24 hours before the event. This ensures we can integrate your music smoothly into the event.

3. Flexibility and Scheduling

- Fluid and Flexible Event: Please be aware that the event schedule can be fluid and flexible. We have special guests, such as the Alderperson and community organizations, who may have presentations throughout the event.

- Preferred Time Slots: We ask that you select your preferred time slots on the sign-up sheet. You may choose multiple options that work for you. We will confirm your exact performance time via text message closer to the event date.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation! We look forward to your performance at LaFiestecita de Encore.

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